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Well hello there!

    I am a photographer as you may have already guessed, I love to capture moments via my handy dandy nikon and create amazing memories for you to look back on years from now. When I am not photographing weddings, families, seniors, engagements, or anything under the hot Arizona sun, I am a mommy and wife. 

   I am a mommy to two spectacular human beings who keep me on my toes and humble me daily by telling me just how uncool I am. I married a man who I first met at the tender age of 9, it's a long story and if we get a chance to chat I will have to tell you all about it!

My life is not always full of sun flares and cotton fields, I am your typical wife and mother who has her hectic day to day activities. But here is a list of all of my must haves that just make me smile:

  • Starbucks Coffee (With tons of creamer)
  • Yoga pants 
  • Hugs from my babies 
  • Kisses from the Hubby
  • My daily phone calls to my mom, I'm not even one bit embarrassed to admit that one :) 
  • Jamming out to Beyonce, Bruno Mars & of course MJ!
  • A nice long bubble bath
  • Finding that perfect shade of nail polish 
  • Brookstone Dark Chocolate Acai Blueberries mmmmmm..... 
  • Shopping online, Etsy you are phenomenal
  • Shoes, shoes & more shoes 
  • A clean house
  • Cold weather , clearly I live in the wrong state