Ashley & Brandon's Beautiful Canada Wedding

   When asked to photograph a wedding in Alberta, Canada during the hottest month in Arizona, I practically jumped on the plane at that very moment. Not only did we beat the Arizona heat for a week, but we were honored to work with such a fantastic couple. 

   When we first stepped off the plane and onto the families 100+ acre ranch, I knew I had stepped into a photographers dream come true. With a lake view, their wedding took place surrounded by family & acres of beautiful wheat fields. To say I love this job, is an understatement, I am so thankful for this couple and the opportunity to photograph their big day. 



Verrado Engagement Session

  When I first met Adriana and Greg, it was on a cold evening at a local coffee shop. We were sitting outside , enjoying the rare cold Arizona weather in our sweaters as we talked details of their big day.  

As we spoke about her big day , I realized their wedding is on our 11th wedding anniversary, this was just meant to be!

          Adriana had a great location suggestion when it came time to photograph their engagement session, Verrado. I have only photographed a few sessions at Verrado in the past and was super excited to roam the town and find different locations. We stumbled upon a few FANTASTIC locations which were just dreamy, I mean just look below! Luckily, Adriana and Greg are easy going, trust in my vision and were relaxed in front of the camera. I am so honored to photograph your wedding day.





  We can't wait to photograph your big day at the Venue at the Grove this November!! I just know the two of you will have be a dream to photograph. 

What I did over the summer and why I was so quiet the past few months

                  Well we are officially at the end of the summer for 2017 and it has been one big blur of summer camps, trips and late mornings (My favorite part of summer).  With two kids who are now elementary and middle school age, I now plan my summers to keep them busy in hopes that their minds do not turn into mush before school starts. Now my husband and I tend to get bored quickly and need some sort of travel in our life at least once every few months. We love that our kids are now old enough to travel easily and appreciate sightseeing with us. We planned two trips this summer and a lot of summer sports activities, I mean these kids should be tired, right? No… they were still up til midnight while mom and dad were fast asleep.

To kick off our summer we planned a fun long weekend trip to San Francisco to view the city and the meet our daughters favorite Youtuber Dan TDM. I honestly had and still have no idea who he is, other than he plays video games on YouTube and has a book at Barnes & Nobles. But our daughter has been planning a trip to London in her mind so she could ride a double decker bus and run into Dan at a local London hangout. So, when tickets to his show went on sale and San Francisco was available, I thought that is probably a lot easier than stalking the poor guy around London.  

        And so off we went to San Francisco to enjoy the fresh seafood, crisp air, incredible architecture and best of all meet Dan TDM in person.



        Once we returned our real summer schedule was in full swing, my son took a few pre-high school classes along with sports training courses, while my daughter was involved in a volleyball camp. This pretty much kept them and my car, very busy for the month of June. If I wasn’t taking one to one camp, I was picking the other from another camp.

But camps weren’t all that kept us busy, we also celebrated an incredible milestone as my grandparents celebrated 60 years of marriage and my grandpa turned 85 years young! Again, I have a HUGE family so family get together's are pretty much a weekly thing, but this get together was extra special.

 Camera photos sometimes aren't the best quality, but hey he looks pretty happy !

Camera photos sometimes aren't the best quality, but hey he looks pretty happy !

Why all the $1 bills?

              Let me explain, growing up each year on our birthdays my grandpa (Which I call Tata so typing “Grandpa” is so weird by the way) would place a $1 for each year. For example, when we turned 8 we got a card with $8, when we turned 15 we got $15 and so on. He always joked that it stopped once we turned 20 but let me tell you I am in my 30’s and still to this day get a Disney princess card with $1 bills inside. Because of this, a few of us grand kids had the same idea without knowing it and each gave him a card with 85 $1 bills inside.

Now with so many grand kids he had plenty to spend at the casino

Because our Arizona heat is so intense over the summer I try and stay home as much as possible. But one thing I couldn’t miss was the Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera exhibit at the Heard Museum  which was incredible, if you have a chance to visit it is a MUST!


Our final escape for the summer was to Alberta, Canada to photograph a stunning wedding which you will have to stay tuned to view. We made this destination wedding into a fun family trip, the weather was incredible and scenery just stunning. While in Canada, after our wedding was complete we took a few days to sight see and do a lot of nature activities which is so unlike me. We fished at a local lake with the clearest blue water, traveled to Banff and hiked Johnston's canyon to view the incredible waterfalls. 

11 (1).jpg

   After such an amazing trip and summer we were all definitely ready to get back into the swing of things with work and school. As you may have noticed I was a bit quiet on social media for the past few months. I took the summer to disconnect from our social media side of the business and soak in all of my family. Through the rest of the year, we are all so busy with sporting events, plays, field trips, shoots, family events and etc that spending time together as a family is something we have to plan and schedule. So when that time is here, I disconnect from my social media life and enjoy my beautiful reality. I feel that this time also helps me feel eager to be behind the camera again and prepare for our fast approaching wedding season. We have our fall minis coming up which sold out in one hour! (Pinch me!) , also a variety of weddings that will keep us busy through December and family photo sessions are in high demand during the fall months. So the next few months may be a hectic time but it just makes those months of family time a bit sweeter. 




Scottsdale Engagement Session

This couple was an absolute blast to work with, we began our engagement session journey at a local shop in Old Town Scottsdale. After walking a few blocks we stumbled upon a Starbucks and just had to stop for tea, any girl who needs Starbucks as much as I do is a winner in my book. After our quick tea stop, we ventured through the rest of beautiful Old Town Scottsdale , capturing images with beautifully greenery and ended our session in an alleyway..yes and alleyway! They trusted my vision and the photos came out wonderful!  I can't wait for this couples September wedding!!!

Beautiful Desert Family Session featured on Heather Renee Celebrations

       This wonderful family first took part in a Spring Family Marathon back when their little one was just a tiny six month old baby, now this little lady is two years old and we have been lucky enough to document their family growth ever since. Over the year and a half we have photographed at a few different locations, but this time around we wanted to go for a more desert look, which I absolutely love!  Head on over to view our feature at Heather Renee Celebrations!

How beautiful are they? I can't wait to photograph them again!



San Diego Wedding featured on San Diego Style Weddings

  I was lucky enough to first photograph this beautiful couple on the Del Mar beach during their engagement session. We got to see first hand just how much they love one another and how fun they were to be around. Their wedding day was filled with elegance, style and charm from the first minute it started. The couple first began their day taking part in a traditional ceremony held at a historic Old Town San Diego Church, her lace dress and his classic tuxedo were absolutely perfect. Their reception was held as the luxurious L'Auberge Del Mar, where they held an evening dinner outside on the patio overlooking Del Mar's relaxing ocean water. As they exited the reception as bride and groom they were surrounded by a tunnel of sparklers held by their family and friends , making this the perfect ending for their special day. Here are just a few of my favorite's you can also view more at our current feature at the San Diego Style Weddings blog. 

Location: L’Auberge
Photography: Lisa Soroko Photography
Coordinator: First Comes Love Weddings
Florist: Flora Glamor
Cake: Sweet Cheeks Baking Co.
Linens: Concepts Event Design

Valentine's Day Themed Engagement Session featured on Contemporary Wedding Magazine

              Jenive and Tony first met as fourteen year old high school kids, she was a cheerleader and he was a football player. Because she was a shy girl, he managed to get her to talk to him and they quickly became inseparable. It has since been 9 years since and they have become best friends and soul mates. Tony knew she was to be his wife and so he asked her parents one month before he decided to pop the question to help him plan the biggest surprise. His parents planned a huge 2017 New Years celebration, Jenive thought nothing of it, she got dressed up and headed to her parents house surrounded by her family and friends. Exactly one minute before midnight Jenive, along with her family and friends headed to the back patio of her parents house. They enjoyed champagne glasses ready to toast the new year. Just as Jenive walked outside she noticed a sign made out of  sparklers that read

"Will you marry me?"

At that moment, Tony knelt on one knee asking for her hand in marriage. Jenive broke down in tears and couldn't believe after 9 years he was finally proposing to her!! Of course she said "Yes!" 

As I thought about their engagement session, I wanted to create a session just as romantic and special as their proposal. We decided to use inspiration from the most romantic day of the year... Valentine's Day!

Here are just a few of the fantastic images captured, to view more, view our feature on Contemporary Weddings Magazine.


Jenive and Tony , I wish you all the best as you enter married life. I hope you enjoy all of the wedding planning and your big day!




Downtown Phoenix Engagement Session

           Jenny & Michael had the wonderful idea of starting their engagement session at The Taco Guild which is not only delicious but a unique and wonderful atmosphere. The Taco Guild is the very place they had their first date, so not only a wonderful area to photograph but sentimental as well. We then traveled through Downtown Phoenix , stopping at The Phoenix Art Museum to capture a few more modern images that fit their style. 

When I look at Jenny and Michael's engagement photos, all I can think is OH MY GOSH YES! This couple is exactly the type of couple I love to photograph, not only are they super stylish but they are fun and loved to laugh. 

We hope these images make you smile as big as they make us smile , and we wish you all the very best as you enter married life. 


Julie & Desiree Surprise Wedding

           Julie first contacted me via email and explained that not only would like she like for me to photograph her wedding BUT her wedding was a surprise! She was surprising her wonderful fiance with a fully planned evening wedding. She cleverly camouflaged her wedding as a surprise 30th birthday celebration so all of their closest family and friends would attend and nobody would spill the beans. 

Julie had arranged every single detail of this event, which took place at the fantastic Phoenix City Grille    , down to the Justin Timberlake suit & tie inspired color scheme. Which I later found out was Desiree's favorite album. I sat and watched as their family and friends entered in excitement as they knew this couple deserved so much happiness. 


As I watched everyone take their places, to my surprise in walks Aneesh from The Morning Mess radio show! Turns out he is absolute best friends with the couple and was there to officiate the ceremony, how beautiful is that? 

So the moment arrived, the moment Julie entered with Desiree. She walked into the private dining area and was completely floored by the outburst of cheers. As the cheering quieted, Julie took the floor to explain the Desiree that this evening was not just about celebrating her birthday, this evening they would become a married couple.(Cue the tears) 

And with that beautiful kiss, the ceremony & their married life begins.....


 Since the evening limited us on lighting and space, we decided to take some time on a different day to photograph them as an official married couple. 

Congratulations Julie & Desiree, I wish you all the happiness you two deserve. I know just by meeting you that the two of you are definately meant to be and will have nothing but many happy years to come. 

Venue: The Phoenix Grille

Yummy Macaroons: The Pho 43




Our Sedona Getaway at the lovely Los Abrigados Resort & Spa

        This weekend we spent a much needed relaxing weekend at the Los Abrigados Resort & Spa celebrating my mom's 59th birthday. As a surprise we booked a weekend getaway for my mom , so she could relax and have fun. As a kid, we frequently visited Sedona during the hot Arizona summers so this place holds a lot of special memories.  As a family we began walking through the lovely shops located in downtown Sedona and took a look at all the amazing artwork from local artists. 

Yup, that’s my son with his yummy scorpion lollipop...

After viewing all the amazing art pieces, we traveled to the gorgeous Chapel of the Holy Cross , there we viewed the fantastic Sedona redrocks and lit a candle inside the church as a reflection of our many blessings. 

  After all of our walking and a delicious lunch at  The Oak Creek Brewery  we settled at our resort and enjoyed the beautiful Sedona Oak Creek for an impromptu photo session. I happened to take our camera to snap images of our family and decided since we were all in a beautiful location what better time for a family photo right? 

Let me introduce my loving, crazy and sometimes probably a little too loud family. 


 With the past few months being our busy season and add in a trip to the Dominican Republic, Miami, celebrating our sons 12th birthday, the holidays and battling a nasty cold, our family photos were placed on hold. We might not have planned this session and coordinated fancy outfits but I think we did pretty good, wouldn't you agree?

   What a great trip and wonderful way to celebrate my mom! Without getting too emotional or sappy, I will just say this, my mom is the BEST mom. She raised us to always have confidence, faith & empathy towards others. My kids are the light of her life (My brother and I are convinced she likes them more than us). Mama, growing up with you as my role model has taught me so much and continues to teach me on a daily basis. I have learned that being a mom is the one and only job that matters and I intend on doing it as well as you . Love you mom, "To infinity and beyond".