Kathryn's Cake Smith

  Cake smash sessions are quickly becoming a fast favorite of mine, watching such an innocent little one just go wild with their cake is the cutest thing in the world. I first met Kathryn and her fabulous parents in the spring during one of our mini marathons, she was a tiny little baby around 6 months old or so and had the cutest facial expressions. I have been blessed to have been asked to photograph her at 6 months old, her baptism and now her first birthday! 

  One year goes by so , so quickly and a cake smash session is a huge deal, this session documents little Kathryn's love for her beautiful cake, which was super yummy.  Typically when photographing cake smashes , the little ones really don't want to get messy or know that they are allowed to make a mess with their cake . But not this little lady, she had no problem digging right into that cake and was laughing the entire time, she's a photographer's dream come true! 


Once we met at our location, I walked around trying to find the perfect area for our set up, her mommy had mentioned her minnie mouse theme which was perfect as we just returned from Disneyland ourselves. We set up her session and she was eager to taste that cake of hers, she wasted no time tasting and smiling. Aren't those ears just the cutest? 


This little lady was a dream to capture on film, she was not afraid of that cake one bit! I hope to continue to photographer her and her wonderful family as they grown . 


Cake by : Sugar Buzz Cakes by Carol http://sugarbuzzcakes.com/