Our surprise family session

This past week, not only did I have two kids down with a very nasty virus, I also managed to squeeze in a small 10 minute session for our family photos. This session was very, last minute with little planning but I had to pat myself on the back once I went home and loaded our memory card, the images were fantastic!


A little back story on this session, it was 3pm and my husband asked “What did you want to do tonight?” I said “OOOOH!! Let’s take our photos!” he looked a little confused we had to two sick kids, why in the world would I want to take pictures? But I had planned on taking just one photo for our Christmas cards and we seem to never have a free evening to get them done, so why not seize the moment?  I ran upstairs, raided our closets, got the kids ready (they were troopers) , spent 5 minutes on my hair & makeup and out the door we went to our desired location. Once we were all packed in the car we got a phone call that are dog was ready at the groomer, this was a bit of a detour so I naturally panicked.  I immediately thought this plan was ruined & I should just start looking into Christmas cards with stock photos and pre penned salutations. Then a small , tiny miracle happened,  we stumbled across a location that was even better than what we originally planned. We pulled over , set up our tripod & quickly took a group photo, the sun was setting quickly so my husband and myself rushed , taking turns with the camera snapping photos of one another with our babies.  

  I normally do not see much of a change in our kids from year to year, but this past year our son has really matured. He just turned 11  2 days before this session and I see such a change in his appearance compared to last years photos. He is just about 2 inches shorter than myself and he is officially in men's shoes. I don't know what happened to my chubby little baby, but this little man he is growing into is quite handsome if I do say so myself. 

Next was my girl's turn, she is still our baby and probably more so because she is quite tiny. She wore her first pair of high heels and her long , gorgeous hair just makes her a stunner in my book. 


Lastly was our photo...

Thanks to our kids who were dancing behind the camera we were able to get a pretty decent candid shot. 

Thanks to our kids who were dancing behind the camera we were able to get a pretty decent candid shot. 


Our little spur of the moment family session was a success! I now have updated photos of my family framed in my house & we found a new location for photos. Family sessions are not always easy, they are stressful & the thought of wrangling everyone together in coordinating outfits makes me exhausted. But in the end I am so thankful that we decided to take the time and photograph our ever changing family.