The Lewis Family

This family is so special; we met several years ago & have watched these two lovebird become husband and wife and now parents to two BEAUTIFUL babies. When I was asked to snap their first family photos I was honored and excited!  Luckily this location is a favorite of both mommy & myself, so discussing spots is usually a breeze. I didn’t pose too much, there is no need to try and pose a toddler and an infant, so we just strolled the area and let the kids be themselves. 

How could you resist that smile?

How could you resist that smile?

As we walked around , this little guy wanted to explore, how could you blame him?  I think by letting him just run free he gave us his best smile and we got some really nice candid shots.  

Motherhood agrees with this beautiful lady , don't you think?


Thank you Lewis family!!! We braved the cold chill out by the mountains and were able to get some lovely shots , can't wait for our next adventure !