Happy 9 year anniversary!!!

Today November 4th is our 9 year wedding anniversary!! 9 years ago today I was walking down the aisle with my Grandfather & Godfather to marry a man who would continue to make me laugh & protect me. 9 years ago today we had our first dance as husband and wife, 9 years ago today we danced all night with our family & friends , 9 years ago today my bridal party locked my keys in my car as I was putting my dress on & 9 years ago today my husband best man almost forgot our rings! What ? Were you expecting a  fairy tale wedding story?

Shooting weddings with my husband is such an out of body experience, we both turn to one another and say “Remember this?” typically about 10 times during wedding day coverage. We remember the chaos of those lovely traditional photos, the stress of waiting for your limo to arrive & the emotions during those special first dances. On our anniversary I usually like to sit back and reflect on the years we have spent with one another, the memories we have made and pray our future is just as exciting.

Our wedding day 

Our wedding day 

  In the past 9 years of marriage, we have experienced a wide arrange of events such as...

·         Celebrated bringing two children into our world and cried like babies each time.

·         Survived the road to Hana (Barely)

·          Planned a total of 18 birthday parties (Both kids combined)

·         Grieved the loss of family members with one another

·         Celebrated 13 Christmases with one another

·         Created our own inside jokes that only we think are funny

·         Found a way to wash crayon off of our walls after our kids decided to play school and use it as a chalkboard

·         Parasailed in Maui

·         Became foodies

·         Learned how to walk in a dark room of a 4 year old and not scream when you step on the Spiderman action figure that was left in the middle of the room, in hopes of not waking up your child

·         Rode quads in Canada & watched as the wild buffalo roamed around the land

·         Danced like fools in Las Vegas

·         Both found a mutual & everlasting love for Nutella

·         Walked the streets of San Francisco

·         Laughed with one another until we cried

·         Created a few awesome Halloween costumes together

·         Told each other our deepest darkest secrets

·         Have survived around a million road trips with one another

·         Watched our kids start school , again both crying like babies as the door to the classroom closed


Enjoying our Canada Wedding 

Enjoying our Canada Wedding 

The list goes on & on, I look back and I sometime’s cannot believe how blessed we are to still love being around each other.   We can still talk for hours & all in all we stand by each other no matter what.

Cheers to you hubby of mine, cheers to many more years, many more memories & of course new traveling adventures!