5 Easy Steps to a Successful Photoshoot



1.    Choose your wardrobe carefully.

There are so many options when choosing outfits that will look great on camera – but try to stick to who you are as an individual. Try to avoid trendy clothing if you are more of a jeans and t-shirt type of person. Don’t try to be super glamorous if you are more of a natural person. Be yourself! You will be far more comfortable in your clothing and it will show on camera.  Also, remember to try your outfits on prior to the shoot, you will want to keep an eye out for straps that may slip, necklaces that may twist or dresses that might be just a bit too short. Coordinate your clothing rather than matching. We all remember those ‘90s photos of families in the same stone washed denim shirts and matching pants, right? Don’t be that family. When dressing your family, make sure your outfits coordinate, meaning the colors go together. The style is similar, but not matching from head to toe.  I mean, do you wear matching outfits on a daily basis? Of course not, so why match for your photos? If you are still stumped on what to wear, you can always check my Pinterest boards for inspiration.


2.    Leave plenty of time to get ready.

Rushing around trying to get your kids ready, reassuring your husband the outfit picked for him is fine and trying to slap on a few extra coats of mascara before rushing out the door is something I am all too familiar with, believe me. Feeling rushed will definitely show up on your photos, which is something you do NOT want to happen. Make sure to give yourself an extra 30 minutes or so when getting ready, even splurge on hiring a hair & makeup guru. This will ensure you will show up to your photo shoot relaxed and most of all, feeling beautiful.  


3.  Save the cheese for your crackers.

We all grew up with “Say Cheese” as a staple when taking photos as kids, but how natural did those smiles look? My best advice: Relax and let your kids be their natural, silly selves. The photos will have a more natural smile versus a forced, frozen smile. Happy kids equal happy parents.


4.  Don’t be afraid to interact with each other.

We all want that one photo of the entire family looking at the camera, am I right? Fortunately, not every single photo needs to have every family member looking directly at the camera. The best photos are the images of the kids looking at one another, or mom looking down to her babies. Don’t be afraid to smile at each other or look away from the camera! It is usually these authentic, candid photos that are remembered the most after a session.


5. Have fun!

Whether it’s a photo shoot with your loved ones or just you, don’t be afraid to let your hair down! Act goofy; show your funny side because this will guarantee authentic, candid photos that are remembered for a lifetime. Always remember: photo shoots are supposed to be fun!