Country Maternity Session with Brienna & Josh

 For those of you who may not know, I am a big country music fan, I haven't always been a country fan but as I got older I learned to appreciate country music more & more. Every morning on my daily 45 minute drive to my kids school I listen to Arizona's KMLE Country music station.  A few months back Florence , Arizona hosted "Country Thunder" which is this huge country music event and tons of people camp out to listen to their favorite country artists perform. While this event was going on , I would listen to the cutest couple on the radio speak with the radio DJ's about how they were trying for a baby , so they tried for a "Country Thunder Baby" and were successful!!  

       After listening for a few months, I found out they were expecting a little baby girl & I really wanted to do something for this couple photograph this special occasion. Let's face it baby bumps are just the best and my camera loves them, so I reached out to Steve Kramer completely feeling like a dork and thinking  my lonely little email would just hang out in email purgatory forever and I would never receive a response. But to my surprise Steve actually replied to me and forwarded my email to this lovely couple. 

 About a week later, I heard from Brienna and after talking to her I found out a few things. 

1. She was just the cutest thing ever

2. We definitely had to incorporate country into this session 

3.  We were going to have fun! 

So after chatting we decided on a location and met at sunrise , it was FREEZING but we braved through the weather and I am so thankful we did, the photos are amazing.  Both Brienna & Josh clicked with myself & my football loving husband., we walked the location , chatting and once we left we had plans on meeting again. 

Here is a look at just a few photos we captured during our little walk. 



This was just a sample of a few of my favorites it was hard to pick out of all the photos we took. I am so happy I took the leap and reached out to photograph this couple, they are truly a wonderful couple and that little baby girl is super lucky to have them as her parents. 


Can't wait til we meet again Brienna & Josh!!