Jesse & Stefanie's big day

Ending our amazing 2015 season, I shot a wedding on Dec. 5. The location, you ask? Palm Valley Golf Course - where I held my reception, ten years ago! I was so excited. Who would have thought that I would be capturing a bride’s memories at the same place someone captured mine? Things had definitely come full circle in my opinion, back in 2006 I never would have imagined that I would be photographing lifetime moments for a living , yet here I stand with my handy dandy Nikon and enjoying every moment of this adventure.

Stefanie's  pictures were to be taken at sunset immediately after her sunset ceremony,  at the time, the beautiful bride was originally discouraged due the timing of her ceremony because here in Arizona during December our sun officially sets around 5pm. I assured her she need not worry. this was her day, and I was going to make sure the shots looked amazing and would capture her wedding to perfection. The bride herself was a timeless beauty. To add the finishing touch to her look, she carried a bouquet with a pendant her late grandparents owned. 

The pictures speak for themselves, they are now amongst my favorite pictures that showcase the gorgeous Arizona sunset. Who knows, hopefully I will have the opportunity to capture more of our breathtaking Arizona sunsets. 

A huge thank you to this couple, thank you for being a relaxed ,easing going couple, thank you for being the sweetest & most of all thank you for trusting me on your biggest day !