Creativity Project

          As a photographer, every week I typically photograph a family session, senior session, wedding or a child's milestone moment. Once in a while I need to break my routine and just have some freedom with my Nikon. I had this idea about a year ago to use colored smoke bombs and somehow  use their colors to create an artistic photoshoot.  I met with my GORGEOUS model at a remote desert location, we quickly set up our smoke bombs and just photographed the results. 

If you have followed my instagram or facebook page I'm sure you have seen a few of the images I ended up snapping, but this experience was too special to keep to myself.  


  This session was a break for me, after completing this shoot I realized that it is very important for myself to break away and just be artistic. This was a form of therapy, I was able to be creative in a different way than during my client sessions. Don't get me wrong, I can feel creative during weddings and etc, but this was just a different form of creative flow. I have so many ideas for upcoming shoots so stay tuned!