Keairah's Senior Session

   Every time I photograph a senior session, I am reminded of the good old high school days from oh so long ago. I remember the football games, my pom poms (Yes I was a cheerleader & dancer) , pep rally's , lockers and those crazy uniforms, I forgot to mention I went to private school so we all looked alike on campus. It is so refreshing photographing a high school senior and just listening to their excitement for the future. The education plans they have, the various career choices they would like to make and the tiny bit of sadness you can hear in their voice because the end is near.  

   Senior photos have vastly changed since I was a senior , we won't say how many years ago but let's just say 'Nsync was a big deal. I remember heading to a chain studio for photos, running into half of my classmates and taking photos leaning over a giant number representing our class year. They were so cookie cutter and borderline cheesy, now senior sessions are so unique and glamorous. Mariah was introduced to me by her godmother who gifted her this photo session as a graduation gift , she was nervous at first but after 10 minutes she was a natural model, just take a look!

  Gorgeous right? I told you! It's hard to believe she was nervous when we first started, she truly came out of her shell and towards the end she had to take a selfie of course. 

Wishing this beauty the best of luck as she exits high school and enters her college days, enjoy them as they go quickly.