Julie & Desiree Surprise Wedding

           Julie first contacted me via email and explained that not only would like she like for me to photograph her wedding BUT her wedding was a surprise! She was surprising her wonderful fiance with a fully planned evening wedding. She cleverly camouflaged her wedding as a surprise 30th birthday celebration so all of their closest family and friends would attend and nobody would spill the beans. 

Julie had arranged every single detail of this event, which took place at the fantastic Phoenix City Grille    , down to the Justin Timberlake suit & tie inspired color scheme. Which I later found out was Desiree's favorite album. I sat and watched as their family and friends entered in excitement as they knew this couple deserved so much happiness. 


As I watched everyone take their places, to my surprise in walks Aneesh from The Morning Mess radio show! Turns out he is absolute best friends with the couple and was there to officiate the ceremony, how beautiful is that? 

So the moment arrived, the moment Julie entered with Desiree. She walked into the private dining area and was completely floored by the outburst of cheers. As the cheering quieted, Julie took the floor to explain the Desiree that this evening was not just about celebrating her birthday, this evening they would become a married couple.(Cue the tears) 

And with that beautiful kiss, the ceremony & their married life begins.....


 Since the evening limited us on lighting and space, we decided to take some time on a different day to photograph them as an official married couple. 

Congratulations Julie & Desiree, I wish you all the happiness you two deserve. I know just by meeting you that the two of you are definately meant to be and will have nothing but many happy years to come. 

Venue: The Phoenix Grille

Yummy Macaroons: The Pho 43