Our Sedona Getaway at the lovely Los Abrigados Resort & Spa

        This weekend we spent a much needed relaxing weekend at the Los Abrigados Resort & Spa celebrating my mom's 59th birthday. As a surprise we booked a weekend getaway for my mom , so she could relax and have fun. As a kid, we frequently visited Sedona during the hot Arizona summers so this place holds a lot of special memories.  As a family we began walking through the lovely shops located in downtown Sedona and took a look at all the amazing artwork from local artists. 

Yup, that’s my son with his yummy scorpion lollipop...

After viewing all the amazing art pieces, we traveled to the gorgeous Chapel of the Holy Cross , there we viewed the fantastic Sedona redrocks and lit a candle inside the church as a reflection of our many blessings. 

  After all of our walking and a delicious lunch at  The Oak Creek Brewery  we settled at our resort and enjoyed the beautiful Sedona Oak Creek for an impromptu photo session. I happened to take our camera to snap images of our family and decided since we were all in a beautiful location what better time for a family photo right? 

Let me introduce my loving, crazy and sometimes probably a little too loud family. 


 With the past few months being our busy season and add in a trip to the Dominican Republic, Miami, celebrating our sons 12th birthday, the holidays and battling a nasty cold, our family photos were placed on hold. We might not have planned this session and coordinated fancy outfits but I think we did pretty good, wouldn't you agree?

   What a great trip and wonderful way to celebrate my mom! Without getting too emotional or sappy, I will just say this, my mom is the BEST mom. She raised us to always have confidence, faith & empathy towards others. My kids are the light of her life (My brother and I are convinced she likes them more than us). Mama, growing up with you as my role model has taught me so much and continues to teach me on a daily basis. I have learned that being a mom is the one and only job that matters and I intend on doing it as well as you . Love you mom, "To infinity and beyond".