What I did over the summer and why I was so quiet the past few months

                  Well we are officially at the end of the summer for 2017 and it has been one big blur of summer camps, trips and late mornings (My favorite part of summer).  With two kids who are now elementary and middle school age, I now plan my summers to keep them busy in hopes that their minds do not turn into mush before school starts. Now my husband and I tend to get bored quickly and need some sort of travel in our life at least once every few months. We love that our kids are now old enough to travel easily and appreciate sightseeing with us. We planned two trips this summer and a lot of summer sports activities, I mean these kids should be tired, right? No… they were still up til midnight while mom and dad were fast asleep.

To kick off our summer we planned a fun long weekend trip to San Francisco to view the city and the meet our daughters favorite Youtuber Dan TDM. I honestly had and still have no idea who he is, other than he plays video games on YouTube and has a book at Barnes & Nobles. But our daughter has been planning a trip to London in her mind so she could ride a double decker bus and run into Dan at a local London hangout. So, when tickets to his show went on sale and San Francisco was available, I thought that is probably a lot easier than stalking the poor guy around London.  

        And so off we went to San Francisco to enjoy the fresh seafood, crisp air, incredible architecture and best of all meet Dan TDM in person.



        Once we returned our real summer schedule was in full swing, my son took a few pre-high school classes along with sports training courses, while my daughter was involved in a volleyball camp. This pretty much kept them and my car, very busy for the month of June. If I wasn’t taking one to one camp, I was picking the other from another camp.

But camps weren’t all that kept us busy, we also celebrated an incredible milestone as my grandparents celebrated 60 years of marriage and my grandpa turned 85 years young! Again, I have a HUGE family so family get together's are pretty much a weekly thing, but this get together was extra special.

Camera photos sometimes aren't the best quality, but hey he looks pretty happy !

Camera photos sometimes aren't the best quality, but hey he looks pretty happy !

Why all the $1 bills?

              Let me explain, growing up each year on our birthdays my grandpa (Which I call Tata so typing “Grandpa” is so weird by the way) would place a $1 for each year. For example, when we turned 8 we got a card with $8, when we turned 15 we got $15 and so on. He always joked that it stopped once we turned 20 but let me tell you I am in my 30’s and still to this day get a Disney princess card with $1 bills inside. Because of this, a few of us grand kids had the same idea without knowing it and each gave him a card with 85 $1 bills inside.

Now with so many grand kids he had plenty to spend at the casino

Because our Arizona heat is so intense over the summer I try and stay home as much as possible. But one thing I couldn’t miss was the Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera exhibit at the Heard Museum  which was incredible, if you have a chance to visit it is a MUST!


Our final escape for the summer was to Alberta, Canada to photograph a stunning wedding which you will have to stay tuned to view. We made this destination wedding into a fun family trip, the weather was incredible and scenery just stunning. While in Canada, after our wedding was complete we took a few days to sight see and do a lot of nature activities which is so unlike me. We fished at a local lake with the clearest blue water, traveled to Banff and hiked Johnston's canyon to view the incredible waterfalls. 

11 (1).jpg

   After such an amazing trip and summer we were all definitely ready to get back into the swing of things with work and school. As you may have noticed I was a bit quiet on social media for the past few months. I took the summer to disconnect from our social media side of the business and soak in all of my family. Through the rest of the year, we are all so busy with sporting events, plays, field trips, shoots, family events and etc that spending time together as a family is something we have to plan and schedule. So when that time is here, I disconnect from my social media life and enjoy my beautiful reality. I feel that this time also helps me feel eager to be behind the camera again and prepare for our fast approaching wedding season. We have our fall minis coming up which sold out in one hour! (Pinch me!) , also a variety of weddings that will keep us busy through December and family photo sessions are in high demand during the fall months. So the next few months may be a hectic time but it just makes those months of family time a bit sweeter.