Family Session

Family Session

 I first met this sweet family when I was asked to document their adorable, funny & beautiful daughter for her very first birthday, now here they are about to have baby #2! Our first session was in July and was terribly, terribly hot, we are talking over 100 degrees. Luckily we met this year and were able to enjoy the beautiful October weather this time around. As we walked around our location, little Miss. Brielle worked on being cute and wrapping me around her little finger.  She loved the camera, loves to pose and best of all says “Cheese” in the cutest little voice, she was a dream to photograph. 

As we were walking I stopped in my tracks and told her mom “Stop! We have to shoot you and your belly!”  She is so photogenic & beautiful it would be hard to take a bad photo of her, just look at her!

Working with this family is a blessing; they are so kind & trust my vision, which makes our sessions a breeze. Brielle’s daddy is an amazing coach and has worked so hard to create an organization that works with kids of all athletic abilities and teaches them the value of being a team player along with the core sports techniques. Visit!one-way-only-sports-about-us/c1z79  you won’t be disappointed.



Thank you for allowing us to photograph your BEAUTIFUL family!!