Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. How do I book a lifestyle session?  Easy! You can send me an email or we can chat on the phone once we have selected a date and time that works best for you I will then send you an invoice for $50 to hold your spot along with an electronic contract for your signature and review . Your deposit is credited to your total package. 

  2. Why do I have to sign a contract?  I have found over the years that contracts help make things clear, there typically is no confusion over details and clients know exactly what to expect after reviewing our contracts. 

  3. How do I book a wedding? Exactly the same as any session , however a down payment of $400 is due at the time of booking. 

  4. What if I cancel? Can I get my deposit back? Unfortunately , deposits are non-refundable and can not be credited to future sessions. 

  5. Help! I don't know what to wear! No worries, once we have set a date and time , we will discuss wardrobe ideas and I will also send you an email with helpful tips & wardrobe ideas.

  6. What will I receive after our session? We are in the digital age, I load your edited images onto a private password protected online gallery which allows you to download all of your images onto your computer. Once you have done so I will send you a print release which you can show to any printing company upon printing your images. 

  7. What if I want to buy a canvas or prints from you? I can always order prints or canvas prints from our top printing companies if you would like to view printing or album samples just ask, I have several samples I can show you. 

  8. How many images will I receive? Every session is different and unique, but on average lifestyle session clients receive 20-45 images. Weddings range in details , my goal is to produce 50-100 images for every hour of coverage. 

  9. How long does it take to receive my images? Lifestyle sessions are delivered within 2 weeks of your session, weddings are delivered within 6 weeks. 

  10. Do you edit all image? Yes! I do not outsource my editing, all of our images are edited in house , all images you received have been color corrected, light corrected and light skin editing. I do not over edit photos & I do not edit to change a persons appearance dramatically, i.e. make them look thinner etc.

  11. Can I receive RAW images? I do not release RAW images to clients under any circumstances, I also do not release the right to edit your digital images. 

  12. Are you insured? Absolutely , if your venue is requesting proof of insurance I can provide a certificate of liability insurance to your coordinator right away. 

  13. How long have you been photographing professionally? I first began photography as a hobby 4 years ago, second shooting for seasoned photographers, learning the craft, attending workshops & really trying to understand every aspect of photography before branching out professionally 3 years ago. Over the past 3 years of photographing professionally I have photographed 100's of lifestyle sessions and head photographed a minimum of 10 weddings per year. 

  14. Do you have an associate photographer? No, I shoot every session myself , I do not have associate photographers shoot weddings for me. If you book with me , I will be your photographer. 

  15. How many weddings do you book annually? I do not book more than 2 a month, I want to give my brides my full attention and since I do not outsource my editing , I want to ensure that I have all the time available to meticulously edit each image. 

  16. Do you have a second shooter & backup equipment? Yes, my second shooter is non other than my husband, we have shot multiple sessions as a team and work extremely well together. I always carry a spare camera with me during all sessions, extra batteries, flashes and our strobe lights just in case the weather or lighting is not cooperating with us. 

  17. What if I am unhappy with the images? That would make me sad :( But I would first like to speak with you and find out what exactly you are unhappy with, if it is the quality of our images we can provide a date and time for a re-shoot. However, if you are unhappy with your wardrobe choice, smile or something that is beyond my control, I am unable to re-shoot the session, I can however sit with you and try to fix your images to your liking. 

  18. I like matted images or color selected images, do you do that? As easy as it is to change up our editing style, I do try to stay true to my editing style. If you absolutely love a specific style  of edit that is unlike my own, I can always recommend one of my awesome photography friends who specializes in your desired style. 

  19. If I book a Boudoir session, will you share my photos? Absolutely not! The boudoir portfolio you see on our site is a model who signed a model release to release photos for marketing. Boudoir sessions are private and your photos will not be shared on social media or any marketing sources.